New composition from Duncan Lyall - an unclassifiable mix of folk and electronica.

Featuring Jarlath Henderson, Lori Watson, Patsy Reid, Angus Lyon, Chas Mackenzie and Stuart Brown.

Infinite Reflections Cover.jpg


Filmic suite

This album is a soundtrack to an infinite number of stories. 

While writing this music I drew inspiration from memories, and cultural references that have resonated with me. I have tried to explore my experiences of friendship, adventure, surrealism, love, loss, determination, grit and happiness. 

Narrative is omitted in the hope that you'll create a story of your own. 

This music was first performed at Celtic Connections in January 2012 and was commissioned by the festival for the New Voices series.

Duncan Lyall - Double Bass, Bass Guitar, Synths, Programming, Shakers and Shruti Box 
Angus Lyon - Piano, Rhodes and Accordion 
Ali Hutton - Pipes, Whistles and Guitar on 1, 4, 6, 10 
Innes Watson - Guitar and Fiddle on 4 
Patsy Reid - Fiddle and Viola 
Gillian Frame - Fiddle 
Seonaid Aitken - Fiddle 
Lori Watson - Fiddle on 5 
Martin O'Neill - Bodhran 
Alyn Cosker - Drums




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