Creative Production

June 19, 2018

Something about your ideas on what production should be, your ethos etc. - could make this a video in the post..

Yarrow Acoustic Sessions with Lori Watson

June 19, 2018

Something about your creative work on Yarrow Acoustic Sessions album and ongoing series..

New Studio for Red Deer Recordings!

June 19, 2018

Bit of behind the scenes stuff and creative intentions for the studio..

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Filmic suite

While writing this music I drew inspiration from memories, and cultural references that have resonated with me. I have tried to explore my experiences of friendship, adventure, surrealism, love, loss, determination, grit and happiness. Narrative is omitted in the hope that you'll create a story of your own.

This music was first performed at Celtic Connections in January 2012 and was commissioned by the festival for the New Voices series.

Full album available.




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